Explain Pain (Second Edition)
Explain Pain (2nd Edition)
Explain Pain (2nd Edition)

Explain Pain (2nd Edition)

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Explain Pain is an excellent book on understanding and explaining pain science with clarity and simplicity. It covers complex pain topics with a minimal use of jargon and a good dash of humour. 

This is an excellent book for therapists wanting to better understand sleep science and explore concepts and metaphors to use with patients. It can also be a great resource for patients who are interested in digging into the topic of pain science. 

Explain Pain is divided into 6 sections and covers a wide variety of topics:

Section1: Introduction to Pain

This section shares amazing pain stories, the importance of context in pain, phantom pain and the neocortex and the impact of age, gender, culture on pain experience. 

Section 2: Your Remarkable Danger System

This section goes through the concept of pain as the body's danger system, the concept of alarm signals (vs pain signals), and the analogy of the orchestra in the brain. 

Section 3: The damaged and deconditioned body

This section walks through the topics of acid and inflammation, the truth about muscles, understanding lumbar disc pain, knowing your skin and soft tissues and bone and joint contributions to pain. 

Section 4: Altered Central Nervous System Alarms

This section discusses the concept of the spinal cord as a magnifier of tissue reality; how thoughts and beliefs are nerve impulses too, and the sensitized central alarm system. They review the endocrine response to pain and the role of peripheral nerves in pain. They review the function of the dorsal root ganglion-the peripheral nerve's minibrain. 

Section 5: Modern Management Models

They discuss models of engagement, addressing fears associated with movement and pain, coping with life and pain and creating a new relationship to one's pain. 

Section 6: Management Essentials

The authors discuss four essential tools in healing including the importance of education and understanding, the concept of how your hurts won't harm you, pacing and graded exposure and accessing your virtual body.

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